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Over the last 30 years, scientific research has demonstrated that aging can be modulated through genetic and environmental factors. Among the multiple genes/proteins capable of influencing the way organisms age, FOXO proteins hold a prominent place.


Because multiple interventions that reliably extend lifespan increase FOXO function to induce their beneficial effects. Even more, by looking at long-lived human populations, including centenarians (+100 years of age) and supercentenarians (+110 years of age), researchers have collected genetic evidence linking FOXOs to human longevity.

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FOXO proteins belong to a category of proteins called Transcription Factors. Transcription factors are proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences and thereby control (turn on/off) the expression of genes in those regions. This ability allows transcription factors to modulate different biological processes. FOXO transcription factors can regulate the expression of multiple genes involved in processes like stress-resistance, metabolism, and longevity.

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